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Hand wash gel with mineral-based scrubbing agent

Dermatologically tested



Hand wash gel with mineral-based scrubbing agent is a concentrated hand cleaning gel with an intense cleansing action. Formulated to remove all types of heavy duty, it is suitable for use in the industrial, automotive and DIY sectors. Contains natural vegetable-based soaps and surfactants from renewable sources, as well as environmentally friendly and inert microspheres with a gentle scrubbing action to effectively cleanse hands. Leaves your hands soft and pleasantly scented.

Directions: Apply the product to dry hands, gently rubbing them together and gradually adding water until all traces of dirt are dissolved. Rinse your hands thoroughly, then dry.

Warning: Do not use the product on delicate areas (face, under the arms or intimate areas). Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.

Product lineStrong dirt
UseApply on dry hands

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