White hand cleanser cream with mineral-based scrubbing agent

Dermatologically tested


Oktima® is a creamy concentrated paste with anintense cleansing action. Suitable for use in theindustrial, automotive and DIY sectors. The environmentally friendly and inert micronized scrubbing agents ensure an effective cleansing action against all types of stubborn dirt. It is formulated using natural vegetable-based soapsand surfactants from renewable sources, as well
as Aloe extract. Leaves hands soft and delicately scented. Dermatologically tested.


Directions: Apply the product to dry hands, gentlyrubbing them together and gradually adding wateruntil all traces of dirt are dissolved. Rinse yourhands thoroughly, then dry.


Warning: Do not use the product on delicate areas(face, under the arms or intimate areas). Keep outof the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.


Natural active ingredient: Aloe Barbadensis.


Product lineHeavy Duty
UseApply on dry hands
Natural active ingredientsAloe Barbadensis

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