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Black Detox Liquid Cleanser for Hands and Body with Vegetable Activated Charcoal, Prebiotics and Postbiotics

Dermatologically tested

Blacksoap® is a liquid detergent suitable for the daily cleaning of hands and body. Enriched with coconut shell activated carbon with detoxifying preporties and with an innovative complex of prebiotics and postbiotics for controlled and protected skin. Contains natural plant-based surfactants from renewable sources. Formulated with a pH level that preserves the skin's natural physiological balance. It leaves the skin feeling soft and pleasantly scented. Dermatologically tested.

Directions: apply to the area to be cleansed, add water to create a rich foam, then rinse and dry thoroughly

Natural active ingredients: Vegetable Activated Charcoal, Prebiotics and Postbiotics

Product lineLight Dirt
Frequence UseFrequent Washing
Natural active ingredientsVegetable activated charcoalWith prebiotics and postbiotics

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